Like Mark Shea, I am going to follow the Welborn Protocol when it comes to correspondence. That is, all correspondence is blogable unless you specifically request otherwise.

Also, all entries left in the comboxes are the sole responsibility of the person who wrote it. I also reserve the right to delete and/or ban commenters though I hope it never comes to that.

All I ask is that you treat me or others you are dialoging with as you would if you were sitting with them face-to-face. In the end, it’s just a combox.

4 thoughts on “Comments

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  2. Well done. These thoughts belong on the walls of the White House, state and U.S. capital buildings and on the hearts of so many in our society today. Ahhh so many are lost! Where is our society going to end up as we accept everything and anything that we once understood to be contrary to moral rightness.

    Thanks, Cory


  3. Lionel Johnson: Cadgwith

    MY windows open to the autumn night,
    In vain I watch’d for sleep to visit me;
    How should sleep dull mine ears, and dim my sight,
    Who saw the stars, and listen’d to the sea?

    Ah, how the City of our God is fair!
    If, without sea, and starless though it be,
    For joy of the majestic beauty there,
    Men shall not miss the stars, nor mourn the sea.


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