Top 15

On this page are two lists of fifteen. The first list contains the top fifteen posts on this blog rated by the number of hits they’ve received from this blog’s inception through Jan. 3, 2014. The second list contains my favorite fifteen (+10) posts outside of those in the first list. I thought I’d put this page together so that someone new to my blog could get a sense of what they can find here.

Your Top 15

  1. The Lessons of Angels
  2. Do Not Call Me, Father
  3. Throwing Monkeys and Drinking Wood
  4. Friday Five (Vol. 13)
  5. 100 Things Every Man Should Know and Be Able to Do
  6. My Christmas Song Playlist – No. 5
  7. Wait For Me
  8. She said yes
  9. Shepherds Rising
  10. Walking with God and St. Francis
  11. All Is Vanity
  12. Verbs
  13. My Christmas Song Playlist – No. 1
  14. Harry and Me
  15. The Pink Arrow

My Top 25 (in no particular order)

  1. Hands, feet
  2. My Thanksgiving
  3. Cozy chamomile and matters of the heart
  4. Staying in the Groove
  5. Big Sexy and Lessons Learned
  6. Stargazing
  7. Of Pink Bears and Spiritual Exercises
  8. Sometimes when you lose, you win
  9. The Playground
  10. Love is Sevenfold
  11. Who Am I?
  12. Listening to the voice of my heart
  13. 10 Things That Make Me Happy
  14. Monuments
  15. A Father’s Eyes
  16. Peace, Trust and the One Thing
  17. Recognize, advance, and restore all things to Christ
  18. The Flight from Failure to Redemption
  19. Moments
  20. Unclogging the drain
  21. Seasons
  22. Diaper Disciples
  23. “…Till you’ve worn the lobster out.”
  24. I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always…
  25. Balloons and Candles

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