Writing Series

Thus far there have been two of what you might call “writing series” on this blog. Both, along with the links to all posts for each series, are listed below. I hope you enjoy them.



I. Series Introduction
1. Into the Silence

II. Traveling to Broom Tree
2. The journey north: Alone
3. There’s a biker on the bridge, Captain!
4. Pearl

III. The Retreat
5. Introductions
6. Illuminations
7. “Follow Me”
8. The beauty of creation
9. You know me
10. Ruptured
11. Miserere
12. Questions and a promise
13. “I will give you a new heart”
14. This great drama
15. There is deep love
16. The stars dance
17. Two Standards
18. Station to station
19. “A ministry of her own”
20. Filled with the fullness of God



I. Introduction and the use of guest bloggers

II. The Pledge

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